The Local Crêperie
I was born and raised near Paris, France. I was brought up exposed to homemade cooking and baking. My mother, aunts and cousins made all sorts of goodies, including crêpes.

With a Computer Science and Animation background, I spent the past 13 years working in the film and video-game industries; my most recent projects were The Beauty And The Beast (2017) and Spider-man Homecoming (2017). Currently working on exciting upcoming projects.

One of my aunts who was a chef in France, introduced me to the Farmers Market and her Catering operation when I was young. Hard-worker, she was an inspiration, always encouraged me to start my own food business, she had recently said again: "It's what you love so go for it, otherwise you will never know if you can do it". We always joked about starting a new business in the US together.

A lot of people ask me why I decided to make crêpes. First, it’s a passion, it makes me happy to do it, my wife and I love making food at home for family and friends. In 2016, in a span of 4 months, 3 very close relatives passed away, one of them being this aunt, who couldn't fight her cancer any longer. Those months made me question a lot of things. So here I am now. 2017 marks the year I decide to pursue this passion I’ve always had.
My wife Allison loves to bake. She supports my new venture and is behind all of the batter recipes, and homemade fillings on our menu (try a sample of the Lemon Curd at least!). She cares a lot of about where our food comes from, and applies the same idea to this business.

Originally from Southern California, she spent many years volunteering as an ESL teacher in the Canal in San Rafael. She is now a High School teacher in Oakland, CA. 

Whenever you come visit one of our locations, feel free to say hi!